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 Our Mission... Our Goals... in a bunny nutshell.

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Our Mission... Our Goals... in a bunny nutshell.  Empty
PostSubject: Our Mission... Our Goals... in a bunny nutshell.    Our Mission... Our Goals... in a bunny nutshell.  Icon_minitime1Sat Apr 28, 2012 10:45 pm

Our foremost goal as a legion on Aion Online is to provide players on our server a place to fit in, and hopefully call home. Many other legions have only one goal in mind and it usually something like "Kill all in our way, be number one, and don't care about anything else." That is where they go wrong. Believe me, one day we will be number one, but first we need to set up a good base from which to grow. And that means being a tight nit family. One that watches out for all of its members. And with that, I will list our current goals.

1. To provide member with a family-like (but not family rated) atmosphere.

2. To become a level 4 legion.

3. To create a small community that helps itself to thrive.

These goals will change as we achieve them. So check every now and then.

For the Good Bunnies:

~The most important characteristic of a good bunny is to be helpful.
When a legion member needs honest help, or has a question you can
answer, jump into action! Don't leave anybunny hanging.

~Generosity: It goes a long way. In order to become a top ranked legion
we will need some small donations from time to time. You can donate
anything from time to AP to in-game money. All are accepted and viewed

For the Bad Bunnies:

~Please, for goodness sake, if you want to leave the legion. Just let us know.
Otherwise after you're gone, bunnies will have a laughing fit at the things we'll
write about you ^0^ I don't mind people leaving. Just give us some warning.

~Trolling can turn a fun gaming atmosphere into a depressing and annoying one.
So it often leads to people being kicked.

~Cursing is allowed. If anybunny doesn't like cursing, please turn your filter on.

That wraps up our missions and goals.
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Our Mission... Our Goals... in a bunny nutshell.
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