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PostSubject: RETURN OF THUNDER BUNNY THURSDAY!!   Wed May 16, 2012 10:28 am

It's back! The event that never happened! Get ready to
experience a full day of Legion sponsored PvP!!! We realize (here at trouble bunny HQ) that not everyone is from the same time zones, so instead of listing a specific time for the event, we're making it a FULL DAY of pvp fun. Here's how to get started!

Know the Rules!
~ Survival of the fittest. As if you were in the abyss, use ANY means needed to win each fight.
~ Fighting against ALL levels, is recommended, in the abyss, you wont have a choice.
~ Don't just dual once. To be great, you need to try, try again, revise your tactics... and go back for more!

Where and When!
~ This is an international trouble bunnies PvP event! That means you fight wherever you can whenever you can. If no one from the legion is available, head to the coliseum and test your battle-wit there, if no one is there, practice in the abyss! Our goal for this event is to gain real experience in Aion combat. DON'T MISS OUT!
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