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PostSubject: REVENGE OF THE BUNNIES   REVENGE OF THE BUNNIES Icon_minitime1Wed May 30, 2012 1:46 am

Beginning at 11:11pm (EST) on Friday evening, June 1.

Revenge Of The Bunnies

SpiritBunny ~ The leader of the Trouble Bunnies (SB)

Carrot Of Might ~ A mighty carrot.... traditionally passed from the Legion leader to their successor. Is said to kill Asmodians at the touch.

Snugglebear ~ Bewildered husband of SB with a strikingly 80's mentality.

Criminal Carrots ~ A legion of depressed and demonic carrots, who are upset from milenia of being nibbled on.

The leader of the Trouble Bunnies has gone missing! She was last seen chasing an Asmodian by the name of Sangreal away from Siel's Western Fortress, which was under siege by an Asmodian legion called the Criminal Carrots!

Late Wednesday night, a brave band of bunnies decided to raid the treasure rooms of Siel's fortress with the hopes of bringing home riches and learning the ins and outs of raiding fortresses in the abyss. As the brave bunnies neared the middle of their questing, their kisk was mysteriously destroyed. Of course, our bunny heroes had had this happen before, so the figured nothing of it and continued their questing. Upon exiting the now clear treasure rooms, the bunnies found, to their dismay, that the person who had told them about the treasures and chambers below the fortress had been slain!!

Eager to find the slayer, and exact revenge, the bunnies ran up through the tunnels that lead to the fortress’s lowers. In their hands they held bunny-weapons (or healing magic) ready, only to find the fortress was rather secure, as a dispatch of soldiers from Sanctum had arrived. Our bunny heroes, who I will name below, had a chance to relax at last. The group consisted of the hearty gentleman AntonChrist, the sexy-bottomed SnuggleBear, SpiritBunny, the head of all bunny-kind, Dechen the sophisticated and eager thief, and Karathrace the provider of health and good food on journeys.

Unknown to our bunny heroes, Legions of evil and Criminal Carrots (tired of being constantly nibbled on T~T) were assembled outside Siel's Western Fortress, waiting for the right moment to strike. Not knowing what might happen, the bunny Heroes danced and smoked the finest little bunny pipes under the general crotch area of the Guardian General. Amidst the dancing, Spiritbunny noticed two minute red dots, peering through a rather large hole in the ceiling. Even inquisitive, our Spiritbunny decided to check it out. But not before handing the Carrot of Might to Snugglebear....

{ A word on the Carrot of Might. This is an object that would not normally be found in the posession of sweet and tender fighting bunnies. However, as you might have guessed, bunnies do eat lots of carrots, and so it is almost inevitable that they might come across a bad one now and then. Rather than being viewed as an evil thing (which it is) the bunnies revered the deadly carrot, so sharp and deadly to Asmodians. Our bunny fore-fathers began to pass it down from generation to generation. Eventually this carrot of power ended up in the hands of Spiritbunny, who vowed to only use it in emergencies. }

...and before even saying a word, she flew up to investigate. As she neared the crimson, glowing dots, it became obvious that something was looking as closely at her as she stared at them. And in a flash they were gone! Spiritbunny gave chase, leaving her fellow bunnies behind. The last sound our bunny heroes heard of her was a weak and distant “eeeeeeeek.”

Upon investigating, Snugglebear found that she had been kidnapped by the Criminal Carrots, (who were ordered to disband their attack once they had Spiritbunny) and he vowed to find her at all costs. Not only was she the leader of bunnies, but his wife as well. He better go after her >:V … sorry erm... okay, so then Snugglebear offered his most prized pet (a llama with a saddle to hold any items) and a small fortune in gold (quite small) to the person who could find Spiritbunny and defeat the one who captured her.

Quest Start: Talk to Snugglebear at or after 11:11pm June 1st
Quest objectives: Find Spiritbunny, defeat those who captured her.
Quest Rewards: 1 pack Llama, 350,000 kinah

Thanks for participating!!
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