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 Alternate NCSOFT Account with ELYOS character on KAHRUN.

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PostSubject: Alternate NCSOFT Account with ELYOS character on KAHRUN.   Fri Jun 01, 2012 8:08 pm

Ok, so I have a very good friend who would like to come to Retail AION and join our Legion. She has been on InfiniteAION, a private 2.7 server. I know here very well IRL, and would like to help her somehow. Because of the race restrictions on Kahrun at this time she cannot create an account. She is a lvl 55 chanter and alchemist on her old server, and would work for the same here.

If anyone has an alternate NCSOFT account with an Elyos character on KAHRUN, they would be willing to provide her with, I would personally appreciate it very much.

I personally vouch for her and am willing to offer an incentive of in-game items.
One of which are the bunny ears which are very hard to get now. Also some class specific items. Please contact me in game or reply here.

Thank You.
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Alternate NCSOFT Account with ELYOS character on KAHRUN.
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